Computer Art Daily Agenda Page

September 10 - 14 - Week 7

Thur/Fri, September 13/14

Sketch4: Draw the Henri Matisse Artwork of your choice (make sure you have added it to image practice and documented your source)
Sketch5: NOTES - Photoshop Tools - Part 2 (gDoc)
Today's Activities:
  1. Continue Learning about the PS Tools
  2. Read and Do the Masking Tutorials
    - Do this one first

Tue/Wed, September 11/12

Sketch2: Self-Portrait (1945. Pencil on Paper) by Henri Matisse.
Sketch3: NOTES - Answer the Questions about Henri Matisse (gDoc)
Today's Activities:
  1. Choose and Add a Henri Matisse artwork to Image Practice Your Name (10 minutes)
    You will sketch this image on Thursday
    Make sure to Document Source of the Henri Matisse Image.
  2. Finish Selection Exercises using Photoshop 7.0 (40-50 min)
  3. Read and Do the Masking Tutorials (30 min)
    - Do this one first

Mon, September 10, 2012

Sketch1: The Horse, The Rider, and The Clown paper cut-out (collage) by Henri Matisse as seen at the Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University.
Then brainstorm and write at least 2 questions about the artist and/or the artwork.
Today's Activities
  1. Finish Selection Exercises
  2. Masking Practice

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